ASPiRES has worked with many companies over the last 20+ years and has been very successful in aiding customers to grow and move forward in their stock production.

As a business, we are always looking for a variety of commercial jobs for our service users. This makes their day engaging and really gives them the true feel of a working environment.


Most will never have to the opportunity to work in a commercial workplace and being able to give them this experience is something ASPiRES is  passionate about. 


Our longest running contract is with a

 large company in Kings Lynn.

Guy Raymond - We have been working with Guy Raymond assisting them with their production of castor wheels

They use the wheels for : office swivel chairs, industrial seating, checkout chairs, contract chairs, office furniture, medical equipment, shop and display, domestic furniture, TV and hi-fi stands and flatpack furniture


Another of our bigger contracts is with Petra Boase Ltd.

 Petra is an online brand based in Norfolk. The company is a collaboration between herself and her husband. They draw on their skills in textile design and children's book illustration to produce a range of greeting cards, stationery, prints & patches. Petra's work is sold across the UK and worldwide.

We help Petra with the making up of her stock of greeting cards, patch cards, paper balloons as a few more of her other products.


Some of the work we do is quite intricate, placing the patches in just the right place, applying labels and barcode stickers accurately.


Innotec - We do a few jobs for Innotec that involve packing their snaptoggle bolts, picking and packing sample bags and making toggler fixing kits.

 The Toggler bolts are quite impressive and aid professionals in the buliding trade. They are the ultimate answer to some of the most awkward and demanding tasks when fixing to hollow materials such as cavity walls and ceilings.

Toggler kit.jpg

If you feel that ASPiRES could aid your business or would like some more information please contact us to discuss.