What are the drop off and collection procedures?

Drivers, carers and parents will be asked to wait in the car park and then move to the building entrance one at a time when signalled by a member of Aspires staff.

Drivers, carers and parents will not be able to enter the building. They will be asked to wait until a temperature check is carried out on the service user in case they need transport home if their temperature is too high.

At the end of each session Aspires staff will take one service user at a time out to their waiting vehicle.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

Service users will not be asked to wear face masks. This will be left to personal choice.

What afternoon activities will be available?

The staff will now organise games, films and other fun activities, in the workshop, whilst keeping to the 2-meter social distancing rule. Service users will be able to use the communal computers one at a time in line with infection control guidelines. Staff will clean the computer after use.

How will the workshop be cleaned?

Staff will clean down all surfaces, work stations, door handles and empty waste bins at the end of each daily session in accordance with infection control guidelines.

How will the service users be kept safe while working?

We have returned to our normal layout within the workshop. Service useres will still be encoraged to sanitise their work station and hands regually throughout the day.

How many people will be attending each day?

Due to the change of restrictions in September 2021 we can now have a full compliment of service users. As always, if the Goverment change their recommendations we will follow these accordingly.

Will there be guidelines on comfort breaks?

Workshop staff will escort service users to and from the toilet, one at a time, and ensure that door handles and surfaces are cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes or bleach solution wearing gloves. Service users must wash their hands with soap and water and use the electric hand dryers provided.

Can we use the rest room for breaks and lunch?

Staff will clear away work components and sanitise each work station before morning break and lunch. Service users will be asked to bring their own drink, cold snack and cold packed lunch to consume at their work station. We wont be able to heat any food or make hot drinks at this time. Before resuming work, staff will sanitise each work station then encourage service users to take part in some gentle exercise as their normal movement around the workshop will be restricted.

Can I bring items in from home?

Unfortunatly not. We are asking for lunchboxes and waterbottles to only be brought in. Large bags wont be allowed either, this is to limit cross contamination.

 If you have any other questions please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any you may have.