ASPiRES is a day service with

a difference for people with

learning & physical disabilities 

Here at ASPiRES, we pride ourselves in giving individuals an opportunity to feel valued, build their confidence and self-worth in a place they can express themselves through the world of work.

We are unlike most day services in our local area as we offer sheltered work experience with real working contracts with real customers. 

ASPiRES Values


The day starts with working on our contracts. There is always a variety of jobs to be done and an opportunity for everyone to have a go at each task.   

We have two tea breaks, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. There is a choice of tea, coffee or squash plus a biscuit. Lunch isn't provided, so a packed lunch is needed.

After lunch, we have free time. This part of the day is for service users to spend their time as they wish but, if we have an urgent deadline for a contract we do return to work till afternoon break.

What to expect in a day at ASPiRES

ASPiRES is aimed at the higher ability group, who can work independently with guidance or none at all.


One of our goals is to help the people, who have the ability, to get into mainstream work.


This could be full-time employment or volunteering on the days they aren't at ASPiRES. Over the years we have become very successful in this aspect. Some of our service users volunteer at charity shops, coffee shops, and supermarkets. Some have even been lucky enough to get into paid employment. 

During free time, we can help complete application forms, CVs or even hold mock interviews to build confidence in answering questions.

What ASPiRES can offer you?

We understand that this is not an option for all of our service users, but none the less they still have the opportunity to gain new skills and build on their current knowledge. 

In the afternoons, we have educational games or work one on one if anyone is wanting to improve on a specific subject. This could be reading, writing or how to use the computer. 

How to join us

Our service users are either referred to us through social services or come to us privately.  


If you need a referral, please speak with your social worker and they will be able to take your request further.


Alternatively, if you would like to join privately please get in touch to arrange a meeting. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have to.