UK Parliament Week

ASPiRES will be taking part in UK Parliament week!!

UK Parliament Week is an annual series of events in the United Kingdom that aim to inspire interest in parliament, politics and democracy and encourage young people and the public to engage with the UK’s democratic system and institutions.

Initiated in 2011, a week-long programme of events and activities is organised each year by the House of Commons and House of Lords of the Parliament of the United Kingdom in collaboration with over 300 organisations including charities, schools, museums and community groups

We have 3 candidates taking part and will run for ASPiRES Prime Minister.They each have to write a manifesto and canvass to the other service users to vote for their party for a week.

The service users will take to the polling stations 13th to 16th and vote for their prime minister. The winner will be announced on 17th.

The elected PM will put their manifesto aims into action for a whole week beginning on the 20th.

The Griffindor Party - Debbie

1, Have a funny hat day

2, Work to be banned from free time

3, An extra biscuit at morning break

4, Play more group games

5, All staff to do fancy dress for a day

6, For each service user to have 2 songs of their choice on a music playlist

7, A mini disco afternoon

Matt's Magic Party - Matt

1, Extra half hour of free time

2, Magic show in free time

3, Magic lecture & lesson

4, Extra sweet or biscuit in the afternoon. Magic trick with sweets

5, Lesson doing A,B,C in sign language

6, Demo in Tae Kwan do or guitar

Ginger Nut Party - William

1, Mobile phone ban to be lifted

2, Extra half hour free time

3, Snap tournament

4, Service users to pick their own jobs and seats in the workshop

5, Superhero dress up day - Staff will dress up as villains

6, Historical parliament talk

7, Staff to do morning break washing up

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