Geo Walk 2018

Our annual sponsored walk came around again for another year and what a good time we had in the Lynford Hall grounds. This year we had a group of 11 and 3 dogs (Mia, Snowy & Spot) who came along for the walk.

We started at 10am in search of 11 caches but it would soon become a apparent we had defiantly set our self's a harder task than we first thought!

Before we could even start looking for the caches we had to decode coordinates for a compass and then crack the word puzzle for the hints to enable us to get closer to our end goal. In the picture was one of the easy ones!

But with team work, technology for a last minuet compass on a phone and determination we were on the way to starting our challenge.

Another element that made finding the caches that little harder was that they were no where near the pin on the app map!

This was far from what we experienced last year and took us all by surprise.

The first find was made by Shaun and Tom in the base of a tree. It was very well disguised but with their good eyes they found the cache very quickly once the code was cracked.

Matt found the next underneath a bush, this was the most satisfying find as this took us AGES to locate! We first started looking where the app told us but after reading the comments left by other Geocachers we ended up on a wider search in the forest. We stumbled across a rather spooky looking statue/grave (as you can see in the picture) but luckily Matt found the box before our imaginations got the better of us!

Kelly found the next cache that was disguised on one of the many metal plates attached to the posts on a bridge. The plaque was hidden on the end of the bridge under a thick evergreen tree.

The last find was made by our apprentice Beth's sister Molly in a tree. Though i don't think the muntjack dear who gave us a scare was to happy about us wondering through his patch.

Around the walk there were plenty of opportunities for the dogs to take part in the dog agility course set up around the grounds but unfortunately there were far more interested in jumping in water, muddy puddles and making sure the group were just as wet and muddy as they were!

After 4 hours of walking we were very ready for our tea and cakes! A big thank you to Beth, Millie and Janice to all making lovely cakes, we were very spoiled for choice.

We will be doing the walk again in spring 2019. If you would like to join us please get in touch. All we ask is 5 pounds on the day to take part.

If you would like to sort your own sponsoring money click here to download a sponsor form. Closer to the date we will post on our Events page the location and date.

Thank you to all who have supported us this year, Every penny you've donated means so much to us and the service users.

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