Traditional Wreath Making Workshop

Following last years success we thought we would make our wreath making event a annual fixture in the ASPiRES diary!

This year, we are going to encourage everyone to get their creative skills ​​flowing and have more of a workshop feel than class.

We will still be supplying the basic kit of oasis ring, ribbon, gold bells, red berries and pine cones. But you will need to bring the appropriate tools for cutting wire and greenery.

If you would like to add your own flair, please bring what ever you would like to customise your wreath. This could be adding lights, different coloured ribbon or even recycling old decorations. Maybe different greenery? Such as holly or winter berries.

This year we are trialing a contemporary element to the our wreath making evening!

We have allocated 4 places to attempt making a bauble wreath, Janice and Beth L (ASPiRES Staff) will be leading the small group. Below are tutorial videos demonstrating what we are trying to achieve. We aren't going to recreate the exact wreaths, but to use them as a guide and add our own touches and colour schemes.

There are a small difference between the two, the pink design uses tinsel to cover the polystyrene ring and the gold uses small star decorations to fill in the gaps.

We were wanting to supply a kit on the evening, but due to personal colour schemes this became a bit tricky to decide what colour decorations we could supply. We decided on having two ticket options: One offering a full kit with silver decorations so an accent colour could be added, the other kit would be the basic essentials and for to you bring your own decorations.

These are the breakdown for the kit options and prices.

1, Full Kit (Bring your own accent colour decorations)

50 Silver baubles (size is range from 30mm/1.18" to 60mm/2.36") 1.6m Tinsel

1 Polystyrene Ring

Wreath hanging hook

Craft Glue


2, Part Kit (Bring your own decorations)

1 Polystyrene Ring

Wreath hanging hook

Craft Glue


Tickets will be on sale through our online store until the 19th November. This is so we can order the kits and ensure they are here for the 6th December.

To book your place and kit, click the link at the bottom of the page.

We hope to see you on the 6th to kick start the festive season with fun, creativity and mince pies of cause!

Book your place Click here

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