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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

And here we are, halfway through 2019 and what a busy 7 months we have had here at ASPiRES!!

Beth F has become a fully-fledged member of staff after completing her apprenticeship NVQ level 2 in health and social care. She also won apprentice of the year 2019. Following Beth's win ASPiRES also won an award for outstanding contribution to the apprenticeship program.

Our workload has also increased and we are working closely with Petra Boase and her team. We have been helping them with their stock assembly on some of her many products. The service users love the work she sends and most get involved one way or another in the production line.

Due to this increase, the charity hasn't needed to fundraise as much this year which has been a big pressure lifted from the staff.

Though with the happy news there is also the sad. Unfortunately, two of our service users passed away this year, Dan and Dawn. Both were big characters in their own right and brought so much to the ASPiRES family. They are missed by their fellow service users, volunteers and staff. Though it's not long till the fun stories are shared of Dan's fun loving personality and Dawn's caring nature.

2020 Trips are having a big shake up compared to other years, this is due to volunteers leaving we are now only left with staff to chaperone service users and transport is not readily available.

We have decided that rather than lots of individual outings we will be going out on 5 group trips for all to attend. The same amount will be spend per service user so they won't be losing out in any way.

These are the trips and events we have planned for 2020:

Group Cinema - We will be hopefully hiring a screen at the Cineworld Complex in Ely for privet viewing of a film the service users choosing. There will be 3 film options put to the vote and the one with the most will be the chosen film. After, we will all be going for a group lunch.

Group Lunch - This year we held a group lunch at the Dragonfly Hotel and we would like to do this again for 2020.

Concert - We are looking to hire Fincham Village hall and hold a concert for all the service users to enjoy. There will be tribute acts to perform and for lunch we will have a fish and chip van come to the hall. An invitation to all the service users family and carers will be sent to invite you all to join us too. More information about this will be sent nearer the time.

Christmas plans will have a little change this year but the outings will still be the same:

Pantomime - We will be going the pantomime in the morning this year and then to the Maids Head again for a carvery.

Christmas Party - DJ Tim will be doing Music Bingo at the village hall in the morning and we will be heading to Timbers for our Christmas Lunch in the afternoon.

The service users will still receive their Easter eggs, birthday and Christmas gifts.

We know this change will probably bring up a few questions as its a big change in recent years. If you have any please do get in touch with the office and we will be happy to help.

Email -

Call - 01366 347721

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